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Scalp Psoriasis Treatment

All That Is Involved In Scalp Psoriasis Treatment


Most of the people that have psoriasis have it on the scalp. This happens as a result of rapid growth of scalp cells and this growth creates scales known as plaques. The plaques can have itchy and red areas surrounding them. Scalp psoriasis treatment varies, it can be mild scaling or severe crusting.


It can extend onto the neck, around the ears and the forehead. Treating this condition varies from one person to the other and this depends on how it responds to treatment, the amount of hair one has, severity and if it has spread to other parts of the body. It some cases, the condition improves even without being treated. For those that need it, should expect some good results in a couple of months after which return is prevented using special moisturizers and shampoos.


scalp psoriasis treatment

Topical medication is the most common way of treating this condition and involves direct application on the area affected. For a severe condition systemic medication is administered through injection or by mouth. In case of poor response to this medication, the doctor may combine or replace treatment. When treating this condition, first step is to soften and remove scales so that it is easier for medication to penetrate.


Scale softening can be done by applying salicylic acid gels. Other softeners include the following active ingredients, phenol, lactic acid or urea. The scales can also be softened using a fine toothed comb or brush. Shampoo using salicylic acid soap or shampoo, before applying emollients like thick creams or petroleum jelly, ointments, lotions or oils on damp area.


When applying medicine, put oiled with petroleum jelly cotton balls in your ears to prevent any medication from getting into them. Medication can cause hair loss or irritation so it should be used sparingly. Part hair in order to be able to drip/ apply medication in the right places. Rub it in using ointment or cream. If directly by a physician, cover with a shower cap to increase effectiveness.


In case of itchiness, here are things you can do to reduce it. You can use a conditioner after shampooing and limit styling with hot tools. On itchy parts, you can use cold packs, cold water or a wet towel. Oral antihistamines, topical steroids, menthol or tar shampoos can also be used and can be obtained over the counter.


If the condition is mild, the doctor may prescribe coal tar products such as creams, soaps, ointments, gels and shampoos. They reduce itching, scaling and inflammation and also slows skin growth. Coal tar shampoo is massaged into the affected area and left for five minutes before rinsing. Other treatments for this include the use of medicated shampoos, steroids and salicylic acid.


For moderate scalp psoriasis treatment, topical steroids may be prescribed. These are applied on the skin directly before being shampooed and rinsed off. They include Anthralin also known as psoriatic which is a cream that is applied once daily for ten to thirty minutes. The other is a vitamin D form of prescription applied at night and covered with a shower cap. Then there is a potent steroid and vitamin D type used once a day and a type of vitamin A gel or cream. For moderate to severe condition, biologics, cyclosporine, methotrexate or oral retinoids is used.



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